Change the Way You Lead

The Quality of Your Leadership

The quality of an organization is determined by the quality of its leadership. Leaders provide direction for the organization and shape the organization’s culture. Leaders recruit and develop a diverse workforce, cultivate and inclusive and equitable culture, and provide vision and structure for managers to manage the processes that drive the business. Investing in the development of leaders is an investment in the long-term health and viability of your company. Through assessments, skills development, learning solutions, and coaching, TransPorter Group helps develop leaders that lead.

Leadership Development Programs

  • Becoming a Leader: is based on TransPorter Group’s Becoming a Leader model. It is designed to help lay a foundation for emerging leaders to develop fundamental leadership attributes and draft a plan for ongoing leadership development.
  • Inclusive Leadership: Strategies for More Effective Leadership: is a highly interactive, leadership development workshop designed to enable organizational leaders to learn how to more fully leverage all talent by understanding unconscious bias, and to learn strategies for mitigating such bias in leadership decisions.
  • Influence to Impact (I2I): Leveraging Interpersonal Power for Women Leaders: is a highly interactive, leadership development workshop for current and aspiring women leaders. In this course, we explore the dynamics of power and influence as critical leadership competencies for women, especially as they relate to getting things done and making and effecting change in the organization.
  • The Power of Influence (POI): Leveraging Interpersonal Power for Effective Leadership: Based on TransPorter’s flagship Influence to Impact workshop for women, The Power of Influence is the “co-ed” version for men and women to work together. It is a highly interactive leadership development workshop in which leaders build influence skills. Influence—the power to get things done without overpowering others—is one of the most critical leadership competencies in today’s global context.
  • Strategic Thinking: This intensive workshop is designed to enhance strategic thinking in emerging leaders. Strategic thinking entails being able to set clear strategic direction, employ effective tactics to drive business or organizational growth, promote innovation, take a broad, global perspective, and balance long- and short-term thinking when making business decisions.

Leadership Assessments

Feedback is the basis for growth. TransPorter Group consultants are certified in a number of leadership or personal assessments including

  • The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • The FIRO-B
  • Center for Creative Leadership’s 360 Assessments
  • Leadership Readiness Assessment
  • The Influence Styles Inventory