Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consulting

We Partner With Organizational Leaders To Put A DEI Infrastructure In Place

TransPorter Group works with executive leaders to develop transformative and sustainable diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategies. We partner with organizational leaders to put a DEI infrastructure in place and facilitate the development of DEI strategic initiatives. We help develop commitment statements in alignment with the company’s vision, mission and core values, and provide DEI leadership education aimed at raising awareness and cultivating intercultural competence necessary for leading a diverse workforce.

We define DEI as follows:

  • Diversity – the presence of employees and leaders from a variety of demographic backgrounds and experiences. Diversity encompasses the fact of human differences and all the ways in which we differ… and are alike.
  • Equity – fair treatment based on differing needs. Equity requires the identification and removal of barriers such that employees of various demographic backgrounds and experiences have fair and equal access to opportunities and outcomes.
  • Inclusion – the state of an environment in which all employees are welcomed, valued, supported, and able to contribute to their fullest.

Our approach to DEI includes

  • Developing interculturally competent leaders who lead the DEI change process.
  • Assessing the current state of DEI and developing DEI strategic initiatives to move an organization forward.
  • Ensuring DEI accountability is implemented using the 5-A Framework for identifying your DEI strategic levers.

5-A DEI Strategic Levers Framework

Acquisition of Diverse Talent (workforce)

Strategic Community Alliances (marketplace & community)

Inclusive Work Assignments/Work Culture (workplace)

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Equitable Advancement of Talent (workforce)

Strategic Marketplace Alignment (Marketplace & Community)