Process Facilitation

Group in business seminar

Facilitation is one of the most under-appreciated skills in both corporate and non-profit environments.Yet, facilitating decision processes makes a invaluable difference between wasting people’s time and resources, eroding their confidence, and forging consensus to move to implementation. Trans Porter Group helps to shape and guide the process of working together so that an organization meets its goals.

Team Development

Teams are the building blocks of most organizations as work group members solve problems, carry out work tasks, and collaborate on projects and assignments. As teams and workgroups become more diverse, the more important it is to enhance the skills of team leaders and team members on working together and working through differences that can potentially render a team less than effective. Trans Porter Group helps organizations understand and develop team processes that are inclusive and helps team members hone skills aimed at identifying and eliminating cultural barriers that prevent team members from working together effectively and developing team skills that maximize diverse team performance.

Facilitation Training

Though anchored in the best principles of social sciences such as team development, group dynamics and experiential learning, facilitation is an art. Trans Porter Group provides facilitation training that helps participants differentiate between teaching and facilitation, clarifies the role of the facilitator and develops three broad-based competencies critical for effective facilitation.

Meeting Facilitation

Dr. Jeanne Porter King has been called upon to facilitate high level board and group processes especially as it relates to bringing diverse stakeholders together during change. Adept at creating roadmaps for change, Dr. Porter King artfully attends to the dynamics of the group to help the group accomplish its objectives.